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Take steps to a rewarding career by opting for MCA

MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications, and it is a professional degree in Computer Science. The duration of the course is for three years, and the core subjects that are taught in the program include Computational Theory, Database Management, Statistics, Programming Languages, and Web Development, etc.

Successful completion of the MCA program contributes towards preparing the students for essential positions such as System Analyst, Designers, Programming Experts, etc. A successful MCA program imparts in-depth knowledge to the students and also give them a credible platform to gain practical training. One whole semester is usually dedicated to industrial training to allow the students to understand the real work processes in the vast IT world.

Several important job profiles stand open after successful completion of an MCA program:

  • Software Programming: The profile includes the use of a specific computer language to develop useful programs that help in carrying particular functions. Finding an appropriate sequence of instructions is done to keep the system functioning in a smooth and user-friendly manner.
  • System Analyst: The profile includes efficient use of design techniques to solve the business problems by efficient use of information technology. The experts help to identify areas that need organizational improvements and work on it systematically.
  • IT Consultant: As the name suggests, these professionals offer credible consultations to the organizations regarding information and technology. They play a very vital role in the smooth functioning of an organization. The role demands keeping oneself abreast with the changing market needs to keep the processes as per the market scenario.
  • Technical Writing: Technical writing is a very new field, and it involves developing unique and SEO friendly content. Joining hands with the digital marketing concept, the significance of technical writing has come into the limelight. Significant expertise is required to excel in this job because it will decide the message that you wish to convey through your work processes.
  • Web Designing: It is impossible for any business to flourish without stepping into website designing. Having a credible virtual existence is of great importance in today’s highly competitive environment. A site is the first introduction of your business to the existing as well as prospective clients. The content quality, SEO usage, movability, and feedback system must be set up with significant expertise to remain at a competitive market position.

Listed above are some of the most significant job roles that one can expect to join in after successful completion of MCA. Each role demands certain specific skills, and hence, the success largely depends on how you implement the knowledge gained during the study tenure. One of the best ways to get hands-on training in the field is to get enrolled in a decent internship. There is no point running after money at such an initial phase, and the key emphasis should only be on learning.

Make it a point to conduct proper research from the very initial stage that is when you are looking for the best MCA colleges in Kolkata. A strong foundation is needed to build an active career in the domain.

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