student life at nirma university

Student Life at Nirma University

Deciding to pursue a management degree is one of the big decisions a student or a professional make in his or her life. There are multiple reasons to pursue a management degree but one of the primary reasons is to step-up in life and progress in one’s career. But, it takes a whole deal of effort, hard work and dedication to get into an excellent institution. Another valuable commodity, apart from the fees, that one spends for an MBA degree is time. Regular MBA degrees take 2 years to complete. These are meant to be one of the most fulfilling and exciting years of your life. So picking a student life which is informative, fun, relaxing and motivating should be your lookout when deciding on which college to pursue your MBA degree. This will take you right through the doors of Nirma University.

Yes, the life on campus here is vibrant and it encourages the overall transformation of its students into competent professionals in the business world. The life of students on the campus is more of a community life with lots of clubs, conferences, conclaves, get-togethers, parties, fun events, picnics, excursions and festivals celebrated all throughout the year. The university ensures that the academics are well balanced out with fun and frolic.

The campus life has an ambiance that motivates the students to excel in their academics and pursue their choice of activities as well. The buildings on campus are well lit and have a very welcoming aura. The classrooms are fully air conditioned and designed in the form of amphitheaters to enable better teaching and interaction between the faculty and the students. The classrooms are well equipped with modern teaching aids and technology. Since the entire campus is Wi-Fi equipped, the students can use it from anywhere. The computer technology on the campus is world class and offers a state of art gigabyte network that connects all parts of the institute.

The facilities on campus also include many recreational areas including the Cricket and football grounds, basketball court, volleyball court, lawn tennis court, table tennis court and many indoor games. Since MBA is a 2-year fully residential programme, all students are expected to stay on campus. The campus, therefore, boasts of separate hostels for the boys and the girls. The hostel rooms are spacious, well illuminated and well furnished. The hostels are also well connected to the Wi-Fi network on the campus allowing the students to access their private laptops from their rooms. The hostels also have some sports and recreational centers that allow students to relax and get fresh air between intensive study sessions. The food served in the mess on campus and at the hostels is purely vegetarian and extremely hygienic. It serves a variety of food options and is managed by a private contractor.

Another important aspect of MBA education is the source of knowledge – the faculty. Institute of Management, Nirma University has faculties both from industry and academia, thus maintaining the right balance to provide the students with the best of both worlds. The faculty members are highly educated and excel in teaching, R & D and even consulting. They understand the need of the hour in the managerial realm and impart a good balance of knowledge that is relevant to the students today. They are always available to help out the students when they need them.

With residential programmes comes the fear of ragging. But, not at Nirma. Ragging and related activities are strictly prohibited inside and outside the campus. The students are required to sign an affidavit before joining the course, compelling them to abstain from any such activity that harasses or troubles another student on campus, especially the freshers. To allow the students to know and get comfortable with each other on campus, the course term begins with an orientation week. This helps the students settle comfortably into their lives on campus.

The clubs and committees on campus encourage students with an entrepreneurial drive to begin something new and enter the business world. They help the students with information and prepare them to tackle various challenges that arise in the business world. The university organizes conclaves to allow corporate stalwarts to grace these events, speak with the students and enlighten them with many magical formulae and mantras of the business domain. The conclaves are often stream specific and the students can take part and attend the ones that seem interesting to them.

With so much positivity on the campus, it is just impossible to not walk in through the campus doors. The best education is one that is attained and obtained in the most relaxing and exciting way and the student life at Nirma university is just that.

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